Vikram is an experienced game developer with a strong background in low-level programming, people-management, and education. His attention to detail and passion for understanding the inner working of systems can help any team with rapidly delivering features, whilst ensuring a high standard of code quality.


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Languages: C++, C#, and Python

Game Engines: Unreal Engine 4, Unity 5.x

Tools: Git, Perforce

Specialities: Physics Engines, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Realities, Optimisation

Project Management

Tools: Jira, Microsoft TFS, Trello, Favro

Agile Workflows: SCRUM, Kanban


Topics: Computer science, game programming (gameplay, physics, AI), game design

Abilities: Curriculum design, blended learning, portfolio-based assessment, traditional delivery


Areas: Gendered Locomotion Animation in Games, Computer Science Education

Qualifications: Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) (98, GPA 4.0)



Program Coordinator - University of the Sunshine Coast

Feb 2016 - Present

  • Redesigned the Bachelor of Serious Games to bring a modern, industry-focused edge to the degree. This included:
    • Working with industry partners to identify pain-points in graduate hires
    • Ensuring accreditation standards are maintained across the degree
    • Managing student transitions across a wide variety of changes within course offerings
  • Coordinated a marketing campaign to identify and reach untapped markets.
  • Worked on heavily linking external industry partners into the degree as clients for student projects and internships.
  • Updating course material to match modern industry requirements
    • Delivering materials to students in an engaging manner
    • Supporting the learning and understanding for all the enrolled students
    • Aiding students to offer them the best chance to gain a foothold in the industry
  • Coordinated or taught all Courses within the Games Programming Minor, including:
    • Creative Problem Solving with Python
    • Introduction to Games Scripting (Unreal Engine blueprints)
    • Professional Games Programming (Unity C#)
    • Advanced Games Programming (Unreal Engine C++)
  • Researcher with the Engage Research Cluster, working on Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies.
    • Technical Producer on the TMR AR application for Queensland's Department of Traffic and Main Roads.
    • Technical Producer and Lead Programmer on the RoadHero endless runner game to teach kids about road safety.
  • Organiser of the bi-annual Sunshine Game Jam, bringing industry professionals and students together to create games.

Game Developer - Opaque Multimedia

June 2013 - Jan 2016

Involvement in a wide variety of projects across a spectrum of technologies and disciplines. Notable contributions include:

  • Implemented several applications for clients within the technology, such as a real-time data tracking application for NASA’s International Space Station.
  • Lead of research and development of the Howitzer.ts physics engine as both a standalone tool, and integrated with the in-house HTML 5/node.js Universe Engine.
  • Developed and iterated upon the network stack for the Universe Engine.
  • Developed low-level physics-based animation technologies as an extension for the Unreal Engine 4 using techniques such as Inverse Kinematics (IK) and Kalman Filtering.
  • Integrated novel technologies with Unreal Engine 4, such as the Kinect for Windows, Faceware Motion Capture, and several unannounced projects with major clients such as Microsoft and Google.
  • Worked on projects partnered with Alzheimer’s Australia to develop training tools for staff, as well as applications designed for patients to promote positive brain function.
  • Negotiated for, secured, and delivered a development contract with a large corporate third party. The contract involved daily interactions with the client’s development and management teams as the Senior Developer on an Unreal Engine 4 project for three months. During this role, I was responsible for taking lead on the development of the project (including designing architecture and implementation of the core systems) as well as teaching the development team the ins and outs of the tools and ideal processes for managing them.

Sessional Course Coordinator - Swinburne University of Technology

Jan 2015 – June 2015

Having worked on Howitzer.ts for Opaque Multimedia, Vikram was invited to re-develop and run the Physics of Games subject for Swinburne University.

  • Developed a new course structure to aid in a more modern style of teaching cutting edge concepts.
  • Standardizing the curriculum such that both technical and design students were graded using a comprehensive set of tutorials, assignments and exams.
  • Prepared and delivered a semester of lectures and tutorials discussing the core concepts of physics simulation, as well as usage of existing physics engines.
  • Guided technical students through the development their own light-weight physics engines, while design students were developing game pitches incorporating advanced physics concepts.
  • Student feedback for the new course was the highest since the subject’s inception across all categories, including Communication of Concepts, Responding to Questions/Concerns and Teaching that Motivates and Inspires.

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)

Conducted research into Gendered Animation in Games - specifically looking at improving Tooling to create more realistic animations using a method that is suitable for modern Animation workflows.

The research was highly lauded, receiving a grade of 95 (GPA 4.0).

Bachelor of Science (Csse) / Bachelor of Multimedia (G&I)

A focus on programming A.I. with an eye towards use in Game Development.